Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spoonflower Tea Towels are here!

The 2013 Spoonflower Tea Towel Calendar is here! Our pet chickens inspired my design this year - their wonderful colored eggs are such a delight to find nestled in the coop. Stop by Spoonflower and cast a vote! The nice part is that you do not need an account to vote. Mine is the 2013 Chicken Tea Towel calendar by Dusty_Pony_Design (shown below) In order to vote you must look through all 12 pages of entries (they are randomized, so I don’t know which page mine will be on) Select the one you want and it will highlight green. Go to the last page and Click “Review my entries”, enter the magic code and then submit.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catalina Estrada

One of my favorite designers I've found in my search for pattern design is Catalina Estrada. She does a lot of work for a clothing company called Annuncicao in Brasil, as well as illustration work. if only I could find one of their dresses for sale in America! So unique! You can find her at

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gift Giving Season is Here!

The gift giving season is in full swing!

We are trying to shop as local as possible this year, which means a little creative thinking - where is there a local toy shop where you can buy a My Little Pony? I hope to find out!

Local pewtersmiths Beehive Kitchenware has bee-utiful gifts, handmade in Fall River, MA. They are available on Etsy, and last time I was there I saw some items from them at Magpie in Davis Square, Somerville. I especially love the measuring spoons, baby spoons and cheese labels. Everything has such a beautiful style and finish.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Green Patriot Poster Book

It's finally here! I just got my copy of the Green Patriot Poster Book - woohoo! It is a gorgeous artboook - featuring many wonderful designers. There are 50 full page posters that you can tear out and frame if you like! The entire book was printed in the USA on recycled paper with... you guessed it, soy inks.

I was very excited to see my design on the Contents page! (bottom left) OMG! It is also included in a collage in the interior.

One of my faves is the poster of a glacier, Al Gore with a melting face and the text "Shit Be Melting". It is all kinds of awesome.

The book can be purchased from and proceeds to to support the work of The Canary Project.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


In a search for pattern design I recently stumbled upon the beautiful stylings of Purocorazon - Pure Heart - from Peru. Peru is near and dear to my heart - my husband and I went on our honeymooon there, hiked the Inca Trail and enjoyed the ancient city of Cuzco.

Purocorazon, with a storefront in Lima, sells clothing, bags and accessories adorned with playful and colorful patterns. Even their photography and styling is really wonderful and warm, giving the items a personal quality - you can see yourself wearing them and using them.

They definitley have a funky and uniquely Peruvian style - I will be excited to see what the next collections bring!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walpole Arts and Music Festival

This weekend, Rob and I are excited to be participating in an event in our new town - the Walpole Arts and Music Festival. It is this Saturday October 2nd, from 10 - 4pm, at Stone Feild (next to Blackburn Hall)

Local musicians will be performing all day on an outdoor stage - Rob will go on at 10:30 am. All types of artists and crafts people from Walpole (and surrounding towns) will be exhibiting and selling their artwork. Dusty Pony Design will be offering notecards, notepads, fine art prints & tshirts with original designs. We will also have Rob's new release "My Ghosts and Yours" for sale as well.

And if things work out... we'll have the tipi on site for every one to enjoy too! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Design on Fire

It's that time of year again - when the Burning Man will burn! Although I will only be there in spirit this year, this handy chart is a lot of fun to look at and even learn a few things you didn't know. How much do they spend on porta-potties every year? How tall was the Man? How many aluminum cans were recycled?

Flint Hahn of is the genius behind this image - check out his site for some other fun and funky pants made out of stuffed animals, or a guide on how to defeat any type of monster. Thanks Flint!