Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

Phew! This past Tuesday was HOT! I was also the only person who showed up at the barn to ride. Silly. Yes, kind of. It was in the evening though, so it had cooled down to about 98 degrees or so by then.

I was glad to ride, to escape work just a bit earlier than usual even thought the orders were quickly piling up behind me. Sometimes, you just have to LEAVE!

I had a weird experience a few weeks ago in a lesson. I felt like I couldn't keep it together, like I was getting weaker and was all over the place. My instructor didn't seem to notice, until I stopped the horse and could barely stop myself from crying. I think the stress that was going on in my life kind of caught up with me, and finally doing some physical activity brought the emotion out. I am sure the horse I was riding knew it, and was a bit wigged out byu the whole thing. So I just walked for a while and practiced bending around corners, etc... wierd.

Last week I finally went to the osteopath and had my back realigned - wow! I was glad I got an appointment when I did, so I didn't have to miss a lesson - I was in bad shape so my back was a bit tender for the next day after. I am hoping this will help me improve my riding and keep me in balance!

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