Monday, October 19, 2009

Western Fashion on the Runway

Ok, better late than never. I know tons of other blogs had this stuff up right after the show aired, but whatever. The Old West is timeless, so I don't worry about being on top of stuff like that.
Project Runway recently had a challenge where the contestants had to create a movie costume for a particular type of film. Designer Epperson chose last, and did not get to pick which type of movie he wanted - he got 'stuck' with western. Well, let me just say, I think Epperson is clearly the most talented designer on the show. There is a lot of great creativity, and I like alot of the other folks, but this dress stole my heart.
Each contestant came up with a breidf story for their character - his was a western woman whose cattle ranch husband had passed away and she is left caring for ranch and family. In other words, a kick ass, strong waoman who doesn't take any guff from anyone. The model even had a gun strapped to her leg, and walked down the runway as if she was gong to confront a bunch of rustlers trying to get away with some unbranded calves.
This dress just works on so many levels, it's historic and modern at the same time, and just oozes of feminine power and grace. Where can I get one? Where would I wear this if I had one, you ask? Oh, let me count the places... Burning Man for one! Firefly, a loft party, going to NYC for the home baking bread and feeding the horses.
You know, around.

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