Monday, August 24, 2009

Musical Ride

I have decided upon something. I am tired of not having enough focus in my riding lessons and want to have something to work forward to. So... I am going to learn a dressage test, and pick a piece of music to ride it to. Then, my husband and family can come and watch me perform a little 'show'.

Already I can feel just this idea helping me to really hone in on what I need to know, redirecting my energy. Working on transitions, especially - without a focus I just kept making sloppy, imprecise transitions. In a dressage test, it is important to make a transition smoothly and exactly when and where you want it.

Also, just the energy associated with a calm, collected horse is important. I have a tendency to get frustrated and a bit out of control - and the horse reacts to this and responds the same way. I had forgotten what I automatically knew how to do when I was a kid and could ride every day during the summer - relax!

I also have done something in my past two lessons that I haven't done in a while - cantering without stirrups! Now THAT will make you focus. : )

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