Saturday, November 14, 2009

Equine Affaire

Yeehaw! just got home from the Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA. A tradeshow dedicated to horses? What could be better?

We started off in a large building featuring mostly trailer sales, a few tack shops, a demo ring and some other smaller vendors. We saw an amazing trailer with space for three horses in the back, and a humans living space up front with a mini kitchen, full bath and sweet sleeping loft. An Appaloose breed demo was going on, and a beautiful woman dressed in traditional native american plains costume was showing off her gorgeous horse.

Hidden behind the stands were a great batch of vendors. We met Marty Whittle of Top Cat Frams and creator of EquiYoga training. Yoga on horseback! I hope to be able to take a lesson from her at some point, it looks like such a challenge and rewarding practice. She runs Top Cat Farms in CT I got a cute "neigh-maste" tank top from her too! Can't wait to wwear it to Yoga class.

We then went to another building, where we saw a demo by the Canadian Cowgirls on drill team riding - boy were they fabulous. They had 10 horses in a smaller than average ring - all under control and perfectly coordinated.

The next building had representatives from different breed clubs and association, most of which brought an example horse to show in a stall adjacent to their display. A horselover's dream come true! We met some nice folks from teh ASPCA who had a full display of a horse water rescue operation, complete with in floating life jakcet headgear and inflatable raft to surround the body. Amazing! We also met a formerly wild mustang from northwestern Nevada (one of my favorite places on the planet!)

Lastly was the more tradeshow like part of the whole deal - a building entirely made up of vendors. There was some good stuff - including some crazy cowgirl showing shirts that I had my eye on - but the pricetag was a little too steep for buying what would basically become party clothes.

All in all - a good time! Can't wait for next year when I will definitely order my tickets for the "Fantasia" performance early so we can see what that's all about!

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