Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend hijinks!

Woohoo- amazingly I was able to fit a lot into this weekend - even after being sick for a while.
Friday night was the Boston/ Providence Burning Man Decompression - held at Club Therapy in Providence. It was a great time , lots of dancing and seeing friends I haven't seen in a while! I did make it to bed around 3, however, a wonderful friend let me stay over in Providence, so I was able to make it out for the Saturday morning riding lesson at Sunset Stables. Bonus! It would have been absolutely perfect if my honey handn't been too sick to go! It's not the same without my partner in crime!Crazy spinny black light finger painting at the party.My saturday morning buddy, Fusion.
LED's, projections and loud electronic music at the Decom. Woohoo! The best part about our parties are the people and the dancing. It's not like a regular club where there's a lot of sleazy guys hitting on the ladies and getting completely wasted. Ew. This is about people wanting to just have fun. Crazy costumes and colored hair aside, I think it was probably one of the tamest nights Club Therapy has seen in a while. No bar fights or out of control drunks looking for trouble. Party goers who respect the venue, take care of each other and pick up after themselves, even at 6 in the morning? Of course, they're Burners! It's always a "Leave No Trace" event.

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